Selasa, 26 April 2016


Often rumored to establish a special relationship has become a daily diet for a duet partner and Ashanty Anang. Yup, chanter Determining Heart it does look like a pair of lovers when it officially became a duet partner.
Equally own status there is no problem for them if you want to formalize the relationship as lovers. But so far so good Ashanty Anang and reluctant to answer the closeness of their relationship. They always give the answer hanging.
But the impression of music events Strikes in RCTI, openly Anang shoot her duet partner as a lover. Kris Kristofferson was initially ex-husband sheepishly. Olga's insistence because Syahputra and Raffi Ahmad, Anang had the courage to reveal the contents of his heart.
Anang face looks quite tense. Likewise with Ashanty which can only stand to listen to heart Anang expression. After Anang express his love, Ashanty also nodded his head as a sign if he agreed to build a relationship with a widower with two children.
Suddenly the Friends of Strikes, Strikes audience screamed as loud as she clapped her hands. Likewise with Olga and Raffi a direct roll around on the floor when he learned Ashanty Anand and official events.
"Now on 26 April at half 10, Mas Anang and Ashanty finally officially became lovers," said Olga as she help being tired after rolling on the floor. Raffi still preoccupied with saltonya action. Even lovers Crossbreed smash it up on the floor.
The atmosphere of the more boisterous when the Companions Strikes gathered at center stage. But Anand and Ashanty only be silent. "That definitely relieved," said Anand when asked her feelings after the shooting Ashanty. " sing-sing," said Ashanty with faces shyly.
Then Olga and Raffi called Aurel who was then by chance as a guest star. Olga Aurel hands together, togetherness Ashanty and Sam so they like a happy little family.
The atmosphere still feels crowded, but Anang and Ashanty still show his face tense. Because of the duration, Olga and Raffi saltonya could not continue the action and the action rolling around on the floor. Anang and even sang a song titled Ashanty Jodohku


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