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FOTO HOT Kevin Aprilio Vierra-Paola Tobing,Pacarnya

Kevin Aprilio Vierra-Paola Tobing Hot
The higher the trees the wind blew harder. So also is experienced by the young artist Kevin Aprilio. His name is an increasingly popular undoubtedly invite any bad gossip. In fact, the heat of images circulating on the Internet.

Kevin Aprilio Profile
Kevin Aprilio Sumaatmadja (born in Jakarta, Indonesia, 7 April 1990; age 20 years) is an Indonesian singer who co-founded the music group Vierra.

Family and education
Born from the couple Addie MS and Memes musicians make a Kevin Aprilio become familiar with the atmosphere of childhood music. Still sitting on the bench since nursery school Kevin has been studying piano musical instrument in both formal and junior high school when he stepped on the owner's real name is Kevin Aprilio Sumaatmaja, started learning to write their own songs. This can not be separated from his ideals to become a musician and composer, following in the footsteps of his father.

Growing up, Kevin began adept at playing keyboards - piano keys. His skill in playing the piano is no doubt about it. He even played a single pianist, in Concert Twilite Musicademia Orrchestra. Kevin also formed a band with a single bernnama Vierra hits titled "Dengarkan Curhatku". Kevin personnel to get it through the site any friendship "Friendster" in cyberspace.

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