Jumat, 12 November 2010

Farah Quinn is Konak

Farah Quin is Konak
Farah Quinn is posing in front of Istanbul's Kebab Restaurant named Konak.

In Turkey, kebab simply refers to a style of cooking, that of grilled lamb or beef cooked and served with a variety of different ingredients. Each region of the country has at least one kebab specialty and when a conversation occurs with a Turk regarding the tastiest, most tender kebab to be found in Anatolia, it’s sure his region will undoubtedly possess the most desirable of all.

The take-away, bite-size chunks of meat encased in bread and stuffed with lettuce, tomato, hummus and onion and a variety of optional sauces are sensational and convenient, but doner kebabs are certainly not the height of kebab cuisine. The real deal is to be savoured at the Konak Restaurant.

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