Senin, 26 April 2010

"Cowboys in Paradise" Director Amit Virmani is in a state of fear

Cowboys in Paradise
After many negative reactions from people of Bali. Finally Amit Virmani change documentary video film Cowboys in Paradise on You Tube into private mode. Furthermore, Amit wrote message on the website:

"We are aghast at the recent raids in Kuta. This is not the points of the film."

Meanwhile, answering questions from about threats and hate mail directed to him, Amit said:

"I don’t want to give the threatening emails any more legs, so I won’t share them. But here are a couple that make you think. Why am I Public Enemy Number 1 in Bali? Because I covered a subject that everyone knows about, and many have covered before me?"

Name: *******
Email: *******
Message: when i clicked submit for my first email, some words appear: we will get back soon. but i do believe that you won’t get back, you just afraid. now, mister, congratulation! you become the biggest enemy in bali and maybe for all indonesians. you’re such irresponsible idiot. why don’t you make a more qualified doc film? no idea? what award have you got? nothing. amit-amit ni orang!

Name: ****
Email: ******
Subject: f*** you
Message: hi f***ing amit virmani.. wtf do you mean by national gross product? you are the gross director.. I even don’t acquiesce to write your f***ing indian name in capital..because I dont fucking respect rubish man like YOU !!! Hope you are well educated, dont judge the whole national by your limit education about Bali and Indonesia.. you f***ing unwelcomed tourist..

And this one was sent, not to us, but to a friend of ours on Facebook. Why? Because he had seen the film and posted a comment saying he liked it. You have to be able to laugh at stuff like this.

“I will stitch your ass to your mouth and leave your arms on the street to be crush by trucks and I will cut out your eyes out with a rusty knife before boil you alive.”

This is a lesson for you to be more careful, do not make a tantrum again, Amit!

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