Jumat, 10 Juli 2009

Derings Trans TV

You know, I'm so bored with a sort of music TV programs...everyday it featuring Wali Band, Kangen Band, Seventeen, ST12, Hello, Lyla, Hijau Daun...etc. You know, I really miss bands on a par with Andra and the Backbone, Yovie & Nuno, Peterpan, Nidji etc. The only thing I like is the presenters...

Below, pictures of derings presenters:

Sandra Dewi, Wiwid Gunawan, Desta, Ringgo
Sandra Dewi, Desta, Wiwid Gunawan
Foto sandra Dewi
foto wiwid gunawan
Desta, wiwid gunawan, sandra dewi, ringgo, adul
Sandra Dewi pictures

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