Selasa, 02 Juni 2009

Manohara: Most Malaysians are nice but Fakhry is psychopath

Finally, Manohara escape from her husband and back to mommy after her dramatic rescue engaging FBI, Indonesia's Embassy and local Police, in Singapore early Sunday, Manohara Odelia Pinot reveals the a horrific story of sexual abuse and harassment she endured during her nine-month marriage to a Kelantan prince. “Sexual abuse and sexual harassment were like a daily routine for me, and he did that every time I did not want to have sexual intercourse,” she said to TV One.

Later in an interview with D'Show at Trans TV, Manohara Said," I don't want to generalize Malaysian people, there are a number of nice people in Malaysia but yes, Fakhry is a psychopath"

Video from SCTV:

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