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How to Make POPULAR Celebrity Blogs

Some readers e-mail me how they are interested in this blog (The Unnoficial Blog Artis Indonesia) and want to start blogging in the same way like I do. They asked me how I maintain this blog and also asked me to give some tips & tricks. I really appreciate to those who want to learn and strive rather than stealing (copas). Below I share you a great article from eHow, How to Make Your Celebrity Blogs Into Superstars.

Create your own angle. One of the most popular blogs on the internet features funny photoshopped pictures of celebrities. Other sites have tried to do this, but it's already been done. Find your own point of view on Hollywood. Stick to a niche about a TV show that doesn't have a lot of regular blogs writing about it.

Blog live. When you are watching the news or a tv show, blog about your impression as you are watching. Don't steal content, but write your first impression as these will be unique & probably funny.

Break the news. This can be difficult if you don't live in Hollywood. Don't put off writing about a subject. Try to be the first to cover an angle when a story breaks. Snap original photos.

Elaborate. Many celebrity blogs just post a picture & a small caption. Search engines can't see pictures & readers can probably find the pictures everywhere. Add as much detail to the story as you can.

Be original. Google frowns upon duplicate content so copied pages from Reuters will basically be useless. Paraphrase content & put your own spin on things.

Make it personal. Talk about how whatever celebrity craziness will effect the average person's life.

Obey copyrights. It may seem ok to take pictures from major production sites because all of the other celebrity blogs do it right? You can get in a lot of trouble for doing this. Instead, link to whatever movie you are talking about or use photos in the public domain.

Many celebrity blogs go overboard linking to every single shopping product as a way to make affiliate income. This can hurt yoru credibility & search engine rankings. Choose the items that you really love.

Tips & Warnings
To the beginning blogger, celebrity blogs seem like a great way to make money because a lot of people will be searching for those terms. However, these blogs are very plentiful & difficult to base around keywords so only start a celebrity blog if you really are passionate about the subject.

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