Kamis, 19 Februari 2009

The Secretary of United State of America Hillary Clinton at Dahsyat TV Show

The Secretary of United State of America Hillary Rodham Clinton came to Indonesia and has spent time to met Indonesian people through one of famous music programs "Dahsyat".

BTW, US goverment is also posting the event at US Departement of State's Official blog:

A daily celebrity- and music-focused variety and talk show, "Dahsyat" draws millions of viewers and is very popular with youth, enjoying many times more viewers than even the number-one national news program in Indonesia. Broadcast live on top-rated national TV station RCTI, the program is a mixture between the Tyra Banks Show and MTV, featuring celebrity guests and performances by major Indonesian recording artists.

Suddenly, we get the signal, and everyone snaps to attention. Secretary Clinton enters the room a few moments later and I introduce her to Luna and Isyana. The Secretary greets everyone and walks around the set, shaking hands, warmly greeting the crew and posing for dozens of photos before putting on her lapel microphone. The co-hosts take the stage, to introduce their special guest. The music swells, and right on-cue, Secretary Clinton walks on as the audience applauds.

Questions alternate from policy to personal, with Isyana tackling Gaza and U.S. relations with the Muslim world, while Luna is more interested in Secretary Clinton's taste in music. "When I work, I listen to classical music, because I find it very soothing," said Secretary Clinton, "but I am someone who loves the music of my youth...for me it's the old standbys, The Beatles and the Rolling Stones..." and the entire studio -- including crew -- erupts into cheering and clapping. Later in the program, Secretary Clinton discusses the situation in Palestine, pointing out that "President Obama and I have promised that the United States will get re-engaged in trying to help in the Middle East," and cites special Envoy Mitchell's appointment and her upcoming trip to Cairo as examples of their renewed efforts.

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