Minggu, 28 Desember 2008

Fahrani And HandzOff Anti-Masturbatory Cream

Foto Artis Indonesia sexy - Fahrani Empel
This is model and actress Fahrani when she was licking the thing called "HandzOff Anti-Masturbatory Cream".

This is real item not a joke but indeed it's funny. You can buy the item at $9.50 here:

Instant relief lasting up to 6 hours. Helps you beat nature's urges around the clock. The hard-to-beat formula of coconut, buttermilk, and vanilla bean is physician endorsed and leaves skin highly touchable.

Instructions for use: Privacy is strongly recommended. Cream should be applied liberally and rigorously to affected areas. Massage thoroughly, repeating as necessary and avoiding eyes, mucous membranes and carpet. Never exceed 10 uses per day. More frequent use could cause other conditions, such as blindness.

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