Selasa, 02 Desember 2008

Angel Lelga [Angeliq] is wife number 30

Angel Lelga [Angeliq] is wife number 30
Do you think that money can buy anything & everything in Life?? AMAN JAGAU said,”YES!!”

If you have enough money you can buy anything & everything. Even you can buy wives! Meet multi-billioner AMAN JAGAU. Despite looking like an odd mix of a bulbous eyed freak and Frankenstein, but He has more than 30 wives including Cucu Cahyati and Angel Lelga [Angeliq], wife number 29 and number 30 respectively.

Recently, the multi-billioner has to face wife number 28 [Rina] that kicked his ass [together with wife number 29] to prison. So, wife number 30,
"watch your ass!!"!!

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