Minggu, 09 November 2008

Wedding Photos - Bunga Citra Lestari & Ashraf Sinclair

Dear BCL:

"A wedding is a start of togetherness... of walks in the rain, basking in the sunshine, shared meals,caring for one another and sensing the love that a marriage carries."

How marvellous it is to be able to congratulate you on your wedding. We wish you all the happiness that you both deserve as you travel through life together. And, while you may experience those challenges of life, you will never again be alone in conquering these issues for each of you bound together in marriage form a tremendous power to exceed, to persevere, and to help each other be all that each can be.

Again, please accept our sincere congratulations on your wedding.

Yours sincerely,

foto pernikahan bunga ashraf
bunga ashraf wedding
bunga citra lestari wedding ceremony
artis indonesia bunga citra lestari
Photo: Kompas.com

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