Kamis, 27 November 2008

Kawin Kontrak Lagi Movie Trailer

OK! for those who love Wiwid Gunawan, Thalita Latief and "Kawin Kontrak", MVP Pictures has realesed the sequel called "Kawin Kontrak Lagi". 

Before you go to the nearest theater, feel free to watch the video trailer and synopsis below [thanks to MovieReviewSquare] :

Jody fond aunt who joined the broker Kang Sono. The result is a frenzied style Kawin Contract Again: more farcical, more exciting, more ... mad! Village Pakelonan ready to accommodate the fighter from the city of love, girl-only more beautiful, more experts, and more ... matre.Plus a bonus of hot tea Euis! Nah! Now!

But I love cool if not harmed. There Bos Maung, which is all people can implement the system because of the military to run businesses, one make people fiancee kontrakan the most beautiful and expensive to hold a vague and requested protection for the Tea Euis.

Bos Maung too astute, leading to suspicion and Jody Kang Sono who turn back, upside-langgang, and eventually face the wall for his soldiers, soldiers beautiful but vicious. Tea and Euis appear with a miracle ...

Director :Oddy C. Harahap
Starring:Ricky Harun, Lukman Sardi, Wiwid Gunawan, Teno Ali, Thalita Latief, Yogi Aldi, Aditya, Hardi Fadillah, Debby Ayu, Adelia, Cut Mini

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