Minggu, 23 November 2008

Diah Permatasari - Shopping Addiction

Photo Diah Permatasari
You might know that Diah Permatasari is rightfully proud to be a shopaholic. "I can never resist a bargain. I'm a shopaholic. I'm addicted to shopping hi...hi...hi..." she said. I don't know whether she was understood what shopaholic is or not. According to addiction.co.uk

Shopping Compulsive or addictive is a form of behaviour designed to avoid unpleasant reality, and is accompanied by a high which causes the sufferer to lose control and buy many items for which they have no need. The adrenaline rush, the fantasy which surrounds the episode and everything which precedes the actual spending spree all add to the sense of unreality which brings a false sense of freedom from life's problems.

So Diah, this is a problem and you should seeking professional help.

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