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Anggun Latest Album - Elevation

Anggun Latest Album - Elevation
Anggun has return with her 5th full lenght album "Elevation" (Double Disc) album terbaru anggun . This is her second international album since "Snow On The Sahara"(1997). miloSkilos provides us a great review, [click here]

Unlike her previous album, ‘Elevation’ is observed as a carefully produced album in hope to not only capture interest and appeals to much wider listeners but at the same time able to maintain Anggun artistic style in almost all of her song. A similar effort made in ‘Loose’(2006) by Nelly Furtado.

However, not all the songs in ‘Elevation’ are hiphop influence.Its not a hip hop album persay. Appropriately, i would say that ‘Elevation’ are a collection of an upbeat, midtempo and slowmo urban sounds with multiple musical varieties from pop, rap, dance, ballad, hiphop and even rock. All of these tracks still carries Anggun’s signature style in every facets of the song.Anggun is known to refused to be associate with a specific musical genres. Over the years since the release of ‘Snow On The Sahara’, she enjoy expressing her creativity in many music genres.

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