Minggu, 16 November 2008

Aishah Jennifer Mohamed Sinclair

May I introduce you to BCL's sister-in-law, Aishah Sinclair! She is an actress and television host from Malaysia.

Want to know more about her? Here I quoted from Wikipedia:

Aishah was born to parents Mohamed A. J. Sinclair and Khadijah Abdul Rahman who are of English and Malay descent respectively. She has an older brother Ashraf, also a well known name in the local show business, and a younger brother, Adam.

Armed with a Bachelor in Mass Communications degree from Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) in hand, Aishah kicked off her career in the entertainment industry by first appearing in advertisements, starting with one for Pepsi in 1998. She then moved on to hosting and acting and have not looked back since.

Aishah, along with her brother Ashraf and award-winning actress Sazzy Falak have recently formed an entertainment based company, SinclairFalak Sdn Bhd. The company, famous for its Acting Saved My Life! Success Series workshop, illustrates the trio's synergy and Aishah's determination to thrive in the industry.

The wife of Sheikh Abdul Shahnaz is currently hosting Malaysia's first photography reality show, Double Exposure. Always passionate about her career, Aishah is said to be venturing into drama and film production soon.

Sorry, she's taken . Want to see her picture? See it below!

Picture of Aishah Jennifer Mohamed Sinclair
Aishah Jennifer Mohamed Sinclair - Photo

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